The future of aviation


The Future of Aviation


The future of flight will be provided by the Raiden Electric

Reducing costs while increasing reliability for short hop, commuter transportation. The Raiden Electric aims to disrupt vulnerable market segments, such as the skydiving industry, and provide maximum cycles between service intervals to keep your aviation business moving.

the powerplant

Full power & capability at a fraction of the cost

With currently available electrical motors, the Raiden Electric is capable of 750hp and 2,075 ft lbs of torque at just 1,900 RPM.
1 4x3-Phase Architecture allows for redundancy, increased reliability, and graceful degradation should a fault occur.
2 Full Torque at Low RPM can provide the same levels of torque and power no matter the altitude as it is not impacted by air density
3 Advanced Thermal Performance provides a sophisticated, integrated liquid cooling system allowing full performance no mater the environmental conditions.
4 Advanced Air Filters seal the motor from both ends, reducing FOD and other contaminants.
5 Direct to Propeller provides the required torque and power turning at only 1,900 RPM, the same speed as the propeller. This allows a direct motor to propeller connection, eliminating the need for a heavy maintenance-prone gearbox.

FUEL & Maintenance

Cost Reduction is King

Fuel and maintenance costs are the largest factors in aviation market movements, and electric aircraft drastically reduce each.
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Enhanced Aircraft Design

Reaching near peak torque almost immediately, electric engines have an unparalleled responsiveness in comparison to ICE aircraft. Electric propellers increase lift during takeoff, allowing for smaller wings, reduced drag, and overall higher efficiency. Once we have expanded operation of existing aircraft, aviation electrification opens previously inapplicable opportunities.
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Aerospace Evolution

The Electrification of Aviation

The aerospace world is changing, and American Pacific Aerospace is at the forefront of those changes. With unparalleled fuel economy, maximum service cycles, and zero emissions, ours will render ICE aircraft as relics of the past. Market segments will be assimilated as we assist the advancement of battery and electric engine technologies.
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Changing the Game

Profitably Sparking Change

Skydiving offers the opportunity to disrupt a vulnerable market segment with the Raiden E-XSTOL. With an average flight time of less than 30 minutes, the necessary range is applicable to current battery technology. Maintenance and fuel cost reductions would pave the way for universal adoption among skydive centers, especially given the inherent disadvantages of short flight cycle times and aggressive ascent fuel usage. Retrofitting current aircraft with electric engines allows for expedited manufacturing to saturate this initial target market.



Length 38 ft 10 in (11.84 m)
Height 13 ft 3 in (4.04 m)
Wingspan 42 ft (12.8 m)
Wing Area 305 ft2 (28.32 m2)
Wheelbase 12 ft 1 in (3.68 m)


Length 16 ft 5 in (5 m)
Height 4 ft 8 in (1.42 m)
Wingspan 42 ft (12.8 m)
Width 4 ft 4 in (1.32 m)
Max Passengers 10 - 17